How to Be a Sustainable Fashion Brand and Listen to Trends

How to Be a Sustainable Fashion Brand and Listen to Trends

Charlie Bradley Ross Monday, 2 September 2019

Following trends in the mainstream fashion industry and providing sustainable fashion do not have to be mutually exclusive practices. Fortunately, the fashion industry has shifted to embrace a greater focus on sustainability and ethical fashion from designers. While this change brings with it its own challenges, it is also possible to both follow trends and participate in trend forecasting and produce sustainable pieces at the same time.

In this Lesson you will learn:

  • Why trends and trend-forecasting are not just for fast fashion businesses
  • How to follow trends as a slow fashion brand and remain true to your values
  • Design practices to follow that will keep your brand on-trend AND sustainable
  • Why the market is now ripe for brands with a strong sustainable ethos and how to make the most of this
  • About two successful case studies of sustainable brands bending the rules on fashion trends

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Next Lesson

  • How to Research and Forecast Trends

    with Charlie Bradley Ross

    The market is constantly evolving and in order to retain your competitive edge, maintaining an informed oversight of the shapes, colours, design details, prints, fabrics, silhouettes and styles that will impact future fashion trends is critical. 

    Trends are influenced by a vast and complex set of factors. Yet, despite the mystery that shrouds the billion-dollar forecasting industry, the ability to research and forecast trends is something that you can learn to do yourself as the owner of your own business and brand. 

    Whether it’s setting aside time to scour social media for the latest fashion industry buzzwords or making headway into consumer research, read on to learn the principle ways of future-proofing your company.