Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design

Charlie Bradley Ross Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Fashion has an immense impact on the environment and on the millions of people who work in it.  To rescue our planet from society's throwaway culture, designers must begin to help consumers realise the importance of sustainability. Using sustainable design practices, we can create products that are environmentally, socially and financially better. Once consumers recognise the superiority of these types of products their preferences will slowly shift away from low quality, fast choices. When this happens, we can immediately see a significant reduction in the wasteful practise of buying and throwing away clothes.

In this video, we discuss some of the many different sustainable design approaches. I hope you adopt these methods yourself, or even better, inspire you to create your own innovative approach to more sustainable design practice.

In this video you'll learn:

  • Some of the key issues in the fashion industry
  • About emotional durability and how to incorporate it into your work
  • What a zero-waste approach is
  • How to consider the "end of life" of your products
  • How to begin to change consumers perceptions and in what way
  • Some inspiring brands successfully using techniques discussed

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