Weganool®: Vegan Wool Fabric Made From Weeds

Weganool®: Vegan Wool Fabric Made From Weeds

Shankar Dhakshinamoorthy Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Shankar Dhakshinamoorthy, founder of innovative sustainable fabric manufacturing company Faborg, joined us to explain what exactly Weganool® is, and how it is created from what is essentially a weed. Boasting fineness that makes cashmere seem chunky, fibres from the unwanted calotropis plant are showcasing a zero waste soil-to-soil production to rival traditional wool - without any animals in the mix. Grown and produced readily in drought-ridden countries, Faborg is exhibiting how milkweed can have a positive impact on people and planet. Watch the video to learn more about this fascinating plant and fabric production company.

In this lesson you'll learn:

  • How to get fibre from the calotropis plant
  • How and why calotropis fibre rivals wool
  • What it takes to produce a zero waste, fully biodegradable and positive fabric
  • What benefits the harvesting of a readily available crop can have on smallholder farmers
  • How fashion designers can champion innovative fibres

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