The History and Sustainability of Nettle Fibre

The History and Sustainability of Nettle Fibre

Brigitte Kaltenbacher Sunday, 1 November 2020

Brigitte Kaltenbacher is a researcher, tutor and speaker on traditional textile craft processes, and is particularly interested and a specialist in nettle fibre. In this Technical Tutorial, Brigitte takes you through the history of nettle cultivation and harvesting for fibre, and why it is considered sustainable for textile production along with some fascinating commercial uses.

You can follow up this lesson with part two, where Brigitte shows you how to take a harvested stinging nettle and process it into fibre for spinning and weaving.

In this video you'll learn:

  • How nettle fibre compares to other natural fibres in terms of properties, characteristics and sustainability
  • The drawbacks and opportunities for nettle as a sustainable textile fibre
  • Commercial product, industrial and fashion applications for nettle
  • The history of nettle fibre, including when it was first cultivated for textiles
  • Indusry contacts for learning more about this plant for textiles

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