Denim Production Myth-Busting

Denim Production Myth-Busting

Alberto Candiani Tuesday, 1 February 2022

This is a 21 minute presentation and Q&A session from Alberto Candiani, owner and CEO of the well-renowned Candiani Denim. Candiani Spa is a family-led denim mill that believes in the integrity of local production using innovative, honest and clean approaches. They are known today as the greenest denim textile company, and produce for prestigious brands and designers.

Alberto, the founder Luigi's great grandson, takes us through 10 common myths surrounding denim production, such as the cotton sourcing, indigo dyeing and use of elastane, and follows up with responses to questions regarding Monsanto chemicals and GMO, organic vs regenerative, and challenges facing the quality of organic cotton.

This webinar was edited and renamed with permission by Transformers Foundation, where this presentation originally aired as part of TransformersED, and by Alberto Candiani themself.

Thumbnail image: Candiani denim fabric production

In this Technical Tutorial you will learn:

  • Why cotton should not be demonised as a "bad" fibre
  • Tips on avoiding greenwashing when marketing sustainability
  • Affects of indigo dyeing on the overall water consumption of a denim garment
  • What to consider when selecting a blended fabric for your product, such as elastane or polyester

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