Identifying and Replacing Toxic Chemicals in Your Products

Identifying and Replacing Toxic Chemicals in Your Products

Alice Hyllstam Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Do you know if the chemicals you're using to create your products are harmful to health or the environment? Would you know where to start if you wanted to replace a hazardous chemical with a better alternative?

Chemsec is a Swedish non-profit environmental organisation with an aim to reduce the use of dangerous chemicals in products. In this Technical Tutorial, Alice Hyllstam, a business developer at Chemsec, explains the issues surrounding chemicals in textiles and demonstrates how to use their platform where you can identify and find alternatives to dangerous chemicals. Future-proof your business and find safer alternatives to hazardous chemicals.

Here is the link to the Platform and Marketplace.

In this video you'll learn:

  • The damage that hazardous chemicals in products can do.
  • About Marketplace: the tool that exists to help identify toxic chemicals
  • How to know if your products are safe to the environment and people who handle them.
  • How to use the platform.

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