Heritage Craft Practice: Oak Coppicing, Swilling and Weaving

Heritage Craft Practice: Oak Coppicing, Swilling and Weaving

Lorna Singleton Sunday, 1 December 2019

The ancient craft of ‘swilling’ is practised by only four craftspeople in the world - and Lorna Singleton is one of them. Swillers make woven products, like baskets, using strips of greenwood.

We attended a fantastic talk with Lorna where she discussed the background to this fascinating and endangered craft technique, the materials used, and how craftspeople, like her, are keeping traditional skills alive today.

In this Tutorial, you will learn:

  • about the heritage craft technique of 'swilling', the process and its history in Britain
  • the materials Lorna works with and their origin and sustainability
  • how Lorna works to keep an endangered craft alive in the modern world
  • about the justification of higher price points for hand-made and skilled craft goods

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