Fibres & Yarns: Introduction to Knitwear

Fibres & Yarns: Introduction to Knitwear

Charlie Bradley Ross Thursday, 1 November 2018

Charlotte Cameron is a knitwear consultant, trained in knitwear and knitted textile design, she works with brands to design and develop knitwear products from concept through to retail. As well as her consultancy business, Charlotte Cameron Knitwear, Charlotte is also Knitwear Editor for online creative knit platform Knitting Industry Creative and a visiting lecturer in knitwear & knitted textile design. She has a breadth of experience with mid-high end brands, from those with established knitwear collections, through to start-ups. As a knitwear consultant, her key focus is to create beautiful and ethical knitwear which is commercially successful and is designed and made to last and be cherished.

In this video you'll learn:

  • What exactly knitwear is & how is it made
  • An overview of the knitwear design & development process
  • Other forms of knit in fashion & textiles
  • Ethical considerations when creating knitwear

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