Fabrics: Organic & Colour Grown Cotton

Fabrics: Organic & Colour Grown Cotton

Santi Mallorqui Gou Thursday, 1 February 2018

Santi Mallorqui Gou didn’t start his career in cotton. When he met the founder of Organic Cotton Colours in 1992, who had started the brand 25 years earlier, he fell in love with the business. And I'm not surprised - from using only rainwater to grow their crops, to committing to buy all of the cotton produced by their 150 farmers, they are truly inspirational. Now the CEO of Organic Cotton Colours, we were so delighted when Santi agreed to share his incredible knowledge around producing the purest 100% organic cotton and “colour grown cotton”, and to chat about what makes his company just so special.

In this interview, Santi shares:

  • The Organic Cotton Colours business and their approach to social and environmental responsibility.
  • How they grow their cotton.
  • The process of turning cotton into yarn, then fabric, then garments.
  • What organic means.
  • What a genetically modified seed is.
  • Different types of cotton they are developing and why.
  • Problems they must overcome.
  • Their thoughts on GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

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