Cotton: Water Use, Farming Methods and Sustainable Solutions

Cotton: Water Use, Farming Methods and Sustainable Solutions

Andrew Olah Sunday, 1 August 2021

A 23 minute lesson from Andrew Olah, the founder of Transformers Foundation, Kingpins trade show and textile consultancy Olah Inc, on the key terms, issues and solutions within cotton today. Andrew touches upon topics where there are certain misconceptions, providing another perspective from inside the textile manufacturing realm. Learn about the discrepancies in data for our understanding of cotton's water consumption, what cotton is and the role of farmers as business people, about some considerations for farming methods you may want to look at to holistically improve the industry, and key thoughts on potential solutions for growing and using cotton in a positive way.

This seminar was edited, renamed and published with the permission of Andrew Olah and the Transformers Foundation.

Thumbnail image: ABC Rural

In this lesson you will learn:

  • Myths and data surrounding water use
  • The farming history of cotton and how it compares to today's models
  • Clarification on terms including BCI, GMO and organic
  • Answers to key questions

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