What Survival Strategies Are Fashion Retail Businesses Using Over The Covid-19 Pandemic?

What Survival Strategies Are Fashion Retail Businesses Using Over The Covid-19 Pandemic?

Stephanie Steele Tuesday, 1 December 2020

We checked in with fashion retail businesses across the globe to gain insight on their coping strategies, positive opportunities and practical advice for other fashion brands looking to open a physical shop or be stocked.

Main image: Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

In this lesson you'll learn:

  • Advice from existing fashion businesses, both online and offline, on their coping strategies through the pandemic

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  • The Psychology Of Shopping

    with Stephanie Steele

    Though it may seem unethical to be using key psychological theories that influence customer experience, in the end, you want customers in your shop or on your website to buy your product or subscribe to your service. As humans, there are behaviours we do subconsciously, and marketers tap into this whether we like it or not. In fact, these theories are also used in politics.

    As a responsible business, understanding these theories will help you become aware when assessing competitors, reviewing customer feedback and checking in on analytics of your site. And, as an ethically and sustainably-minded business owner, you have the reigns to be honest with your customer about what you're doing and why - there is no reason why these marketing tactics need to be hush hush as our examples will show.

    Dive in to better understand the key 7 psychological theories that you can use to drive traffic, increase footfall, and spread the word of your business.

    Thumbnail image: Clay Banks on Unsplash