Interview with Elvis and Kresse on Sustainability, Longevity and Working with Celebrity

Kresse Wesling Monday, 1 October 2018

Since 2005, Elvis & Kresse have been turning waste materials into luxury lifestyle accessories – and donating 50% of profits back to charities. Thanks to the recent announcement of their collaboration with Burberry, Elvis and Kresse have been dominating the news, so we were delighted to catch Kresse Wesling, owner and co-founder of Elvis & Kresse and chat to her about the incredible brand.

In this video, you'll learn:

  • About the logistics behind Elvis & Kresse and their fabric reclamation.
  • How they've overcome negative "second hand" perceptions.
  • How Elvis & Kresse communicate their story without preaching.
  • How to foster relationships with brands like Burberry and celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and Will.I.Am.
  • About Elvis & Kresse's Burberry collaboration.
  • About the journey to becoming B-Corps and Kresse's top business advice.

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