PR And Communications For Responsible Brands

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Establishing an effective PR strategy for your brand, especially when it comes to sustainability, can be a complicated process. Ensuring your brand is reaching the correct audience, and producing the outcomes you are looking for, can be particularly challenging. To help you navigate the tricky world of PR, and the various methods through which you can tackle this process, we've enlisted the help of some industry professionals.

We've structured this Masterclass first to outline the difference between PR and Marketing, and how to identify what aspect of each will help you grow your business. We then look at how a traditional PR company might not work for your eco brand, how to work with journalists, and how to deal with some of the issues you may face during this PR process.

In this Masterclass you will learn:

  • Introduction to PR, Lacuna Lab Agency

    with Nirali Malji Shah

    Hear from Nirali Malji Shah from Antwerp-based digital and ethical marketing agency Lacuna Lab Fashion Agency, who help ethical and sustainable brands. In this video, she discusses the complex world of PR and Marketing, how helpful an agency can be in this process and top tips when you're getting started.

  • What to Look for in a PR Company, Orchard and Broome

    with Stephanie Sica

    Stephanie Sica from the sustainable PR company, Orchard and Broome [no longer trading], discusses what to look for in a PR company, why a traditional PR company may not be right for your brand and things to consider before you get started.

  • What Is Public Relations? Types, Functions & Examples

    with Charlie Bradley Ross

    A downloadable information pack on what PR is, the aims and functions of it, types, advantages and disadvantages and examples.

  • How to Write an Effective Press Release

    with Charlie Bradley Ross

    A downloadable information pack on how to write and structure an effective press release, and a template, including an example of an in-house press release from Offset Warehouse to help guide your writing.

  • Interview with Elvis and Kresse on Sustainability, Longevity and Working with Celebrity

    with Kresse Wesling

    Since 2005, Elvis & Kresse have been turning waste materials into luxury lifestyle accessories – and donating 50% of profits back to charities. Thanks to the recent announcement of their collaboration with Burberry, Elvis and Kresse have been dominating the news, so we were delighted to catch Kresse Wesling, owner and co-founder of Elvis & Kresse and chat to her about the incredible brand.

  • Interview with Safia Minney on Growing an Eco Empire

    with Safia Minney

    Safia Minney is a force of nature in the fashion industry. She is the founder of sustainable clothing company People Tree and author of several highly read ethical fashion books. She’s also contributed to the fair fashion documentary True Cost by Livia Firth, which is a must-see. In this video, Safia shares her sustainable fashion business journey and top tips for building a successful, ethical business.

  • Working with Journalists, interview with ex-style editor The Metro Bel Jacobs

    with Bel Jacobs

    In this video, Bel Jacobs discusses the journalism side of the PR industry, including looking at how to approach and work with journalists, and better pitch your sustainable and ethical brand.

    During her time as Style Editor for Metro, Bel interviewed some of the key figures in the fashion industry, including Karl Lagerfeld and Vivienne Westwood. Having been immersed at the top of the fashion journalism industry, Bel has exceptional knowledge on the industry, and journalists themselves. Now a freelance fashion and arts journalist and founder of, watch this live Q&A to learn the inside paths in journalism, and how this can help your PR strategy.

  • How to Talk to Media and Journalists, with the Editor of Pebble Magazine Georgina Wilson-Powell

    with Georgina Wilson-Powell

    As a magazine editor of 16+ years and with the Lonely Planet and Time Out under her belt, Georgina Wilson-Powell knows what she's talking about when it comes to journalism. In November 2016 she founded Pebble Magazine, an online ethical lifestyle magazine. From what to do when you're being ignored, to email subject lines, we get down to the nitty-gritty of approaching journalists with your brand story.



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