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Support, inspiration & practical strategies to help you create a sustainable brand.

The Members’ Club is an online learning resource offering guidance for setting up, developing and growing creative businesses sustainably and responsibly. With advice, insight and direction from experts and brands at the forefront of the industry, month by month, The Members’ Club enables designers to become well-informed and responsible entrepreneurs.

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"The Members' Club has provided me with loads of information, tools, resources, tips, links and pointers in the right direction for creating a sustainable business. It has saved me hours of internet search time! It has helped me with the theory, such as how to create the right business model, and then shown me the real-life examples of others who are running their own sustainable businesses and making it work. It's so inspiring and motivating to see and hear from others who have made their sustainable businesses work in today's fast fashion environment. Charlie doesn't hide information or only give a glimpse; she is truly generous with sharing information, which is so valuable and refreshing. The Members' Club has helped me to believe that my business idea is possible!"

For us to provide the absolute best possible experience to our current members, we only open the doors to The Members' Club at specific points throughout the year.

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