Recognising Common Fabric Tests And Test Report Information

Recognising Common Fabric Tests And Test Report Information

Sarah Blackham Monday, 1 February 2021

Product technologist Sarah Blackham takes us through a three-part session on fabric testing. In part three we learn to recognise the common fabric tests and their regulations and directives (see the next session for more on this), along with how to read and understand the common fabric test reports.

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In this Lesson you will learn:

  • About common colour fastness, physical and mechanical, and chemical tests
  • What the International Standard and American Test Method is for each 
  • How to understand and interpret a fabric specification sheet, a fabric test report and a specimen sample from a fabric test report

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Next Lesson

  • Introduction To Regulations And Directives

    with Sarah Blackham

    Product technologist Sarah Blackham joins us to introduce what regulations and directives are, along with highlighting key chemical tests, laboratories and websites to get you started on material and product testing. This is part one. Part two covers in more detail regulations and directives for toys, childrenswear and UV accessories/swimwear.

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