Carbon Negative Furniture And Interiors

Ardilla Deneys Wednesday, 1 December 2021

This is a bitesize 10 minute lesson from the founder and designer of Pollima, America's first CO2 negative furniture made from compressed agricultural waste hemp and soy fibre. Ardilla Deneys heads up this dreamy Lesson to help you understand business models and sustainable production methods for homewares, interiors and furniture that are helping to elevate this product area into the future.

Rather than just creating products, consider how you can utilise your ingenuity to reciprocate the gifted materials and resources of the Earth - whether through using a waste stream, ensuring customer engagement through rental and repair, or even supporting purchasing decisions with augmented reality.

In this Lesson you will learn:

  • The current standards and models within the furniture industry, and in commercial furniture
  • Alternative models of business, sourcing and production
  • Opportunities for utilising agricultural and construction waste
  • How the digital metaverse can be a platform for your brand
  • The importance of reciprocity

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