Continue Your Pattern Cutting Learning

Continue Your Pattern Cutting Learning

Nina Redman Sunday, 1 December 2019

Now that you've worked your way through the Masterclass, you'll undoubtedly have pattern cutting fever and will be itching to learn as much as you can about the topic.  In this final video, Nina talks through how you can continue your learning and discusses her favourite pattern cutting books covering pattern blocks and more advanced pattern cutting techniques.

In this video you'll learn:

  • The next steps for beginner pattern cutters 
  • Examples of projects to try to expand your skills
  • About key books in pattern cutting that will help you along the way

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Next Lesson

  • Techniques for Cutting Back on Waste in Your Designs

    with Eve Tokens

    Working towards a zero-waste practice means going back to basics, sometimes relearning what we think we already know, and taking time to consider new ways to work with our materials. 

    Eve Tokens, aka The Creative Curator, is a trained fashion designer and pattern cutter, who teaches creative pattern cutting in her YouTube tutorials and blog posts. We’re revisiting this fantastic demo with her from 2017 for this month’s masterclass, all about zero waste, in which she shares her techniques for zero-waste cutting, eliminating waste right from the design stage.

    About the speaker:

    Eve Tokens is a trained fashion designer and creative pattern cutter, the mastermind behind The Creative Curator, a blog and YouTube channel. She teaches others how to create their own unique and stunning clothes, advocating a sustainable, waste-free approach to fashion.

    Find Eve at:

    YouTube: The Creative Curator