Traidcraft Exchange: Fighting Injustices In Trade To Eliminate Poverty

Traidcraft Exchange: Fighting Injustices In Trade To Eliminate Poverty

Maveen Pereira Saturday, 2 January 2021

We were joined by Maveen Pereira, Director of Programmes at Traidcraft Exchange, to learn, in tangible terms, what Fair Trade means for people and workers, how Traidcraft Exchange operate to fight injustices in trade, and some of the textile-specific programmes that have and are still running to provide sustainable solutions for alleviating poverty. 

In this segment, Maveen talks about Traidcraft Exchange's role in tackling global poverty and how fashion businesses can work with their supply chain to abolish injustices.

The full, in-depth interview has been arranged into separate Lessons covering the following topics:

In this video you'll learn:

  • Who Traidcraft Exchange are, what they do, and their origins as one of the world's pioneers in Fair Trade 
  • In what ways trade - poor and Fair - impacts peoples' livelihoods
  • About the different Fair Trade certifications open to businesses
  • What impact the pandemic has had on vulnerable communities
  • How brands can enable and empower marginalised workers

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