The Seam: Connecting People with Seamstresses and Tailors

The Seam: Connecting People with Seamstresses and Tailors

Layla Sargent Sunday, 1 March 2020

With the availability of fast fashion, repairing, altering and making clothes from scratch has almost become a thing of the past. But here to revive the industry of tailors and seamstresses is The Seam, an online marketplace that connects makers to people who want things made! 

In this presentation, founder Layla Sargent explains how she identified a gap in the market and is now using The Seam to increase awareness of clothing repairs and alterations in place of simply throwing garments away.

In this video you'll learn:

  • About the business case for The Seam, a platform that connects people to seamstresses and tailors in London
  • About why there is a gap in the market for mending clothes and having clothes made from scratch in London
  • How The Seam is addressing this gap through their online platform
  • How Layla Sargent launched her business using a Crowdfunding campaign in the space of a year

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