Sustainable Fashion Week: The Lifecycle Of Your Clothes

Sustainable Fashion Week: The Lifecycle Of Your Clothes

Charlie Bradley Ross Monday, 1 November 2021

This hour-long panel discussion, as part of the first UK Sustainable Fashion Week, debates some key questions on how brands and their customers can extend the lifecycle of the clothes they produce and buy. Featuring Delphine Williot, Fashion Revolution's Policy and Research Co-ordinator as chair, there is input as well from Ruby Raut, founder of periodwear brand WUKA Wear, and our own founder and director, Charlie Bradley Ross.

It considers the carbon intensity of production throughout the supply chain and consequential carbon footprint, labelling and greenwashing, managing and minimising waste, specifically using recycled fabrics and the infrastructure and technology surrounding this, and the importance of advocacy to build transparency and introduce legislation.

This video has been kindly permitted by Sustainable Fashion Week and the guests to be edited with titles and shared as part of a Masterclass on Sustainable Cities and Communities on The Sustainable Fashion Collective®.

In this Lesson you will learn:

  • About the period product brand WUKA Wear
  • How to make decisions as a fashion designer on materials you use to build longlasting clothing
  • Areas of concern within the fashion supply chain of clothing lifecycle
  • How to analyse your carbon footprint and utilise the data
  • Managing and minimising waste at the brand and customer levels
  • Considerations to make when choosing recycled fabrics: infrastructure, technology, quality
  • Importance of advocacy as brands and consumers to change legislation
  • Labelling systems that could work for fashion in raising awareness and improving education

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