Sipahi & Co: Unstoppable drive & working with the last remaining UK producers

Banu Sipahi Sunday, 1 October 2017

As part of our topic on "Branding A sustainable Business", A lot of our experts focused on how important maintaining your values and telling your story is as an ethical brand. When I met Banu Sipahi's I was bowled over by her unrelenting passion and drive to create locally sourced, ethically produced and most of all beautiful products. She is unwavering in her goals and determination and is truly inspirational - she makes it look easy!

In this video you'll learn:

  • About Sipahi's work with the UK leather industry and using locally-sourced materials.
  • Their ethos on buying less, choosing well and enjoying a product for a long time.
  • Looking at sustainability through every element of the supply chain: sourcing sustainable packaging, made in the UK, recycled materials and as local as possible.
  • The business is guided by personal fulfilment at the forefront.
  • The product is the absolute the best quality that you can buy. It is long lasting, hardwearing and the fact that these methods are good for the environment and sustainable is a plus, rather than the only selling point. (Something Nida Gonul also touched on in our "In Conversation with.")
  • Changing the way customers think - a product someone can keep for a long time and how it's important for customers to have a relationship with the product.
  • It's good to say "no compromise"!
  • How Sipahi managed their cashflow.
  • Experiences at Pure London and other trade shows to consider as a sustainable brand. Ways to pitch to wholesalers and what their main avenue to markets are.
  • Deciding price points.
  • How it is hard to stop when it's something you love.

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