Lora Gene: Investigation and Research (Of Silk) As A Tool For A Thriving Business

Lora Nikolaeva Friday, 1 October 2021

In this 35 minute conversation with Lora Nikolaeva, founder of womenswear brand Lora Gene, though our focus was on why the brand use silk in their collections, the discussion turned to one of business theory; how can you as an entrepreneur ensure your business thrives. The answer lies in conducting research and making time to investigate. The silk industry is incredibly complex, with many contrasting opinions over what is best (as with all fibres), and so in this interview, Lora dives into key issues that you may not have considered when making decisions for your designs, such as innovations in what silk fibre can be used for, and that no silk can be cruelty free.

In this interview you will learn:

  • About Lora Gene and the brand ethos
  • Misconceptions and considerations with regards to silk
  • The benefits or surplus and deadstock
  • About the silk industry in Bulgaria
  • The potential for silk as a sustainable industry, and as a material with many applications beyond textiles
  • About garment manufacture in Eastern Europe and the issues of this industry
  • The benefits of B Corp Certification
  • The importance of partnerships

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