League Collective: Sustainable Multisport Activewear Borne From Personal Lifestyle

League Collective: Sustainable Multisport Activewear Borne From Personal Lifestyle

Lilly Richardson Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Launching a brand based on the experience gained in your personal lifestyle provides you with an approach to business that could be both too close for comfort, and empowering at the same time. We chatted to founder and designer of sustainable activewear brand League Collective about what it was that prompted her side hustle, the pitfalls of creating high performance sportswear garments and what you as creative entrepreneurs should look out for to save time and energy when starting out on your journey.

In this Interview you will learn:

  • The background to League Collective: what it means, and the personal lifestyle that prompted it
  • How transitioning from couture fashion into activewear is a plus, but that there is always a lot to discover
  • What working with fabric producers and garment manufacturers can be like, and how to avoid wasting time and energy - especially if you're crowdfunding and opening pre-orders
  • The hassle with using prints on performance fabrics
  • How your personal lifestyle can already give you a leg up in terms of marketing
  • The benefits of various social media platforms and building a community from them
  • Tips to avoid burn out, including what you can do if you have a sudden lockdown on your supply chain

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