January Networking: Panel Discussion on Eco Swimwear

Stephanie Steele Saturday, 1 February 2020

As part of our January Networking Event, we discuss how swimwear can be eco-friendly, and how we as consumers and designers alike can make more informed and responsible decisions in our purchasing habits and products. Following on from a presentation by each guest speaker (linked below), we went further into detail with Jo-Anne Godden of RubyMoon Swim, Nichole de Carle of London Contour Experts and Philippa Thackeray of Paper London.

Watch their presentations here:

Jo-Anne Godden of RubyMoon Swim

Nichole de Carle of London Contour Experts

Philippa Thackeray of Paper London

In this video you'll learn:

  • About steps to implement a circular economy with take back schemes
  • How to have return customers
  • Designing for durability of swimwear and if it's bad for business
  • How to educate customers on best practice for swimwear care
  • How to get started with local manufacturing and why it's important
  • About why we should ethically manufacture
  • Collaborating and working with ambassadors
  • About wholesale and DTC business strategies
  • How to control stock to avoid waste

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