I'mdividual: Breaking into the sustainable fashion market [Member Highlight]

I'mdividual: Breaking into the sustainable fashion market [Member Highlight]

Olga Bagautdinova Monday, 1 July 2019

We sat down to talk with one of our fabulous members, sustainable fashion designer Olga Bagautdinova, about the process of starting her clothing line I’mdividual. From concept to production line, Olga shares her motivations for breaking into the sustainable fashion market, along with the challenges and opportunities presented while scaling a business that is mindful of ethical and environmental issues.

About the speaker:

Olga Bagautdinova is the founder and designer of womenswear brand I’mdividual and member of The Sustainable Fashion Collective. Olga combined her love of fashion and uncompromising values of sustainability to launch I’mdividual, with a core collection of versatile wardrobe essentials. Every piece of the collection is made with longevity and circular design in mind.  

Find Olga at:


Instagram: @imdividual_london

In this video you'll learn:

  • How Olga developed her sustainable fashion line from a concept to a reality
  • Challenges of starting off as a sustainable fashion line
  • Networking while building a fashion brand
  • Tips for new fashion designers wanting to grow their brands
  • Why it’s important to get feedback from inside the fashion industry and your customers

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