I Am Denim: Designing Jeans For Adaptability

I Am Denim: Designing Jeans For Adaptability

Sophie Cooper Thursday, 1 April 2021

In this 20-minute interview, learn from new designer Sophie Cooper about how she used her experience to design and produce a range of tummy-friendly denim jeans for men and women. Her personal experience is the driving force behind the brand - I Am Denim - to create jeans that are accessible for everyone no matter their shape, size, scars or surgery. We find out what it takes to design not only a denim range, but one that will change lives.

In this video you'll learn:

  • What makes I Am Denim jeans different from regular jeans and what prompted designer Sophie Cooper to bring to market an adaptive denim range
  • The steps Sophie took to design and manufacture the jeans, including working with focus groups, sourcing fabrics and choosing water-saving production methods
  • About the market for adaptive fashions and how to make adaptive clothing the norm, not the exception

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