How to Make an Active Impact with RubyMoon Swim

How to Make an Active Impact with RubyMoon Swim

Jo-Anne Godden Saturday, 1 February 2020

Jo-Anne Godden, founder of RubyMoon, started her long career working for corporate fashion brands before the recession hit and she was forced to assess her skill set. Using her expertise and knowledge, she started a brand that would be of benefit rather than harm with the core values of a circular economy and empowering women.

Watch and listen to Jo's presentation where you'll learn how big change in your life need not be a bad thing, and tips if you're looking to launch or amend your business to be socially good as well as environmentally good.

In this video you'll learn:

  • Why trusting your skill set is important
  • Book and documentary recommendations on dirty fashion
  • Why the circular economy is necessary
  • Developing a not-for-profit business model
  • Working with NGOs to empower women and local communities

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