How to encourage customers to consume more responsibly

How to encourage customers to consume more responsibly

Rachele Gonzaga Wednesday, 1 August 2018

There is no doubt that to make an impact in this industry, we need to advocate for responsible consumption. Some may think that to have a fashion brand and ask your customers to shop responsibly is a conflict - I couldn't disagree more. There are many examples of successful brands pushing sustainability forward. And those who fight for the cause are more genuine, authentic brands that build long-lasting, trusting relationships with their customers.

We were delighted to welcome Rachele Gonzaga, part of the Corporate Social Responsibility team at Swarovski and sustainable stylist moonlighter to discuss how she encourages her clients to shop in line with their values, and how brands can help people to see sustainable fashion as an aspirational lifestyle choice.

In this video, we learn:

  • About Swarovski and sustainability.
  • How and why Rachele incorporates sustainability into her styling.
  • How Rachele encourages her clients to be sustainable, while inspiring confidence, advising on colour and shape and making them feel amazing.

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