Ellen Rock: Collaborating with artisans across the globe

Ellen Rock: Collaborating with artisans across the globe

Charlie Bradley Ross Monday, 1 April 2019

Nelly Rose is a London-based fashion textile designer who specialises in print, with a focus on global artisanship. On the eve of the launch of her new brand, Ellen Rock, we talk to her about her work with communities in Indonesia, Guatemala and Nepal, working with overseas producers and her statement collections.

"Setting up a workshop with the employees is a great ice breaker. It gives the employees a voice to express their opinion on what you’re doing and, equally, makes them more receptive to what you’re doing too."

Nelly Rose graduated from London College of Fashion and currently is dedicating her creative career to a sustainable approach through encompassing and preserving the beauty of traditional global craft processes in her work. Nelly translates her textile designs into a range of products from accessories to installations with a focus on collaboration. She is soon to launch her new brand Ellen Rock. Follow her on Instagram for the latest updates.

In this video you'll learn:

  • The challenges of launching a fashion brand focused around artisanship
  • About collaborating with the global craft community
  • How artisanship collections fit into the commercial fashion market
  • Tips for working with overseas manufacturers

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