BLANC: The Eco-friendly Alternative to Toxic Dry Cleaning

BLANC: The Eco-friendly Alternative to Toxic Dry Cleaning

Ludovic Blanc Wednesday, 1 January 2020

The solvents used in traditional dry cleaning are toxic to people and the environment. Polluting our bodies and waterways, it's time for an eco-friendly alternative that not only respects our planet but also the garments we so carefully design, make, shop for and wear. 

BLANC is an award-winning eco-friendly 'dry cleaners' based in London who work with natural products and detergents in their cleaning process. With an approach to cleaning clothes that is 'artistic' rather than 'scientific', BLANC is making their name in the luxury, artisanal sector, working with high-profile luxury brands and rental agencies to encourage people to love their clothes. We spoke to their founder, Ludovic Blanc, and heard why BLANC is moving away from the term 'dry cleaning' and towards 'garment care'. 

In this video, you'll learn:

  • How dry cleaning processes work and why they are so damaging to our health and the environment
  • How BLANC has transformed dry cleaning to make it environmentally friendly
  • Why garment care is so important for extending the life of our clothes and reducing garment waste
  • About BLANC's work with luxury designer brands and how they encourage their customers to practise eco-friendly garment care
  • How Ludovic is applying environmentally policies across his business, not only to the product he sells

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