Why We Should Use Ethical Fabrics

Why We Should Use Ethical Fabrics

Charlie Bradley Ross Tuesday, 1 February 2022

This is a 30 minute Lesson led by entrepreneur Charlie Bradley Ross that considers the social and environmental impacts of fibre processing and fabric production, and its impact on the makers and wearers.

The facts are staggering, as you will learn in this video. It is simply untenable for the industry to continue in this way, however, it can also be overwhelming to be faced with this mountain of negativity, especially as a small business. Tune in to this brief introduction on the social and environmental impacts related to fabrics; it will help you identify small changes you can make to the materials you use, and consequently, how your products could be made more sustainably and with minimal damage (or even, positive repercussions) for people, for animals and for planet.

In this Lesson you will learn:

  • Why we need to be using ethical fabrics 
  • The impacts - both environmental and social - that fabrics have on the planet 

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    In this Lesson, we take you through an overview of the principles of circularity so that you can get your bearings of this complex topic, and follow with what to look for when sourcing ethical fabrics with circularity in mind.