How To Make Your Fashion Business More Sustainable

How To Make Your Fashion Business More Sustainable

with our industry experts

We bring you a comprehensive audit, designed to get to the heart of sustainability in your business. Whether your business boasts excellent material sustainability, an unrivalled workers' rights policy, or a stellar take back scheme for end of life clothing, this audit will help you identify those things that you could do in order to be that little bit better.

This audit covers:

Each section then features a series of The Sustainable Fashion Collective® resources that will provide you with: guidance, answers and tips to improve the sustainability of your business in the different areas. Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, stop using synthetic or animal products, or be more transparent with your customers, this audit will set you on track to establishing your next steps.

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  • How sustainable is my fashion business? Brand Audit and Solutions Toolkit

    with Charlie Bradley Ross

    This is a read-only comprehensive audit that features sections with knowledge exchange, questionnaires, and a solutions checklist so that you can understand where you can further your responsible practices. It also includes sections to write down notes so that you leave the self-motivated session with clarity and direction.