How To Launch Your Fashion Business With Passion, Purpose and Profit

We are so thrilled to finally introduce our exciting, results-driven, globally accessible six-week course: “How to Launch Your Fashion Business with Passion, Purpose & Profit”. Read on to learn more about the course and join.

Over the past few years, we've had the pleasure of speaking with so many of you, and one thing is for sure, launching a business is hard. There are so many moving parts, research to do, planning to make time for and decisions to action. It's so exciting, but boy can it be long hours, confusing and lonely. And while you probably got into business because you had a fantastic idea or you're passionate about design, it turns out you need a lot more than design to run a successful company.

While The Sustainable Fashion Collective® offers so much incredible information and guidance, we wanted a way to offer you a little more: someone to walk you step-by-step through the time-consuming, scary bits, like analysing your competitors, or sales and marketing strategising. Someone to hold you accountable, so you actually make time to sit down and put your plans into action.

Step in our six-week course, launching 1st November:

"How to Launch Your Fashion Business with Passion, Purpose & Profit"

We've created an easy-to-digest course designed to kick you into gear, with a focus on all-important sales. Over the six weeks, we'll show you how to develop your business plan, give you the ingredients for a winning collection, help you create a marketing strategy and provide the steps to get your product into your dream stores. And all this through the lens of sustainability and responsible business practices with access to Professional Membership of The Sustainable Fashion Collective included in the course price.

If you're looking to fast-track setting up and streamlining your business, or are struggling to see the sales you'd like in your existing business, this course is for you.

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