The Power Of A Healthy Mind When Running A Business

The Power Of A Healthy Mind When Running A Business

The SFC Team Friday, 1 April 2022

This lesson - featuring a wide range of industry experts - is designed to help you feel grounded as your business grows, and ensure that your mind stays healthy.

Ensuring that your mind is strong and healthy is crucial as you build your business. From combatting negative self-talk, to ensuring that your office is a healthy, happy place for your employees, your outlook as you approach your work is as important to the success and growth of your company as your business plan. It can be easily overlooked, however, particularly when facing stressful situations.

Featuring guest experts: Clare Evans, Lila O'Farrell, Kerrie-Anne Bradley, Jo Garside, Tristan Harris and Ralph Fernando, Jen Gale, Natalie Hall and Zoe Partridge.

In this Lesson you will learn:

  • How to maximise productivity at work
  • The ways in which mindfulness can help you stay grounded, and easy mindfulness techniques to try 
  • How to manage stress through movement and breathing 
  • Why agility is so important for businesses in today's ever-changing world, and how your business can plan for the seemingly un-plannable! 
  • How to improve your confidence and mental resilience 
  • Tips to help you combat imposter syndrome and negative self talk
  • How to use mentoring to keep your employees motivated 

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