Fundamental Considerations For Ethical PR And Communications

Fundamental Considerations For Ethical PR And Communications

The SFC Team Friday, 1 April 2022

Communications are all the channels you use to present your product or service to the world. As a responsible business, you could be even further scrutinised in your endeavours to deliver a sustainable or ethical product. Therefore, being confident in creating compelling copy that sells, understanding how to approach journalists, and knowing what to do when working with a PR agency will all help strengthen your business's communication.

In this Lesson, with the guidance of guest experts, we explore the fundamental considerations for ethical PR and communications. Hear from strategic copywriters Tom Hunt and Sabine Harnau, PR agencies Lacuna Lab and Orchard and Broome, journalist Bel Jacobs, and FinTech expert Lenna Lou.

In this Lesson, you will learn:

  • How to use influence your customers through copywriting 
  • What greenwashing is, and how to ensure you are avoiding it in your communications 
  • An introduction to PR
  • How to work effectively with the press 
  • How to choose and work with PR agencies 

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