How To Pitch To Angel Investors For Funding

How To Pitch To Angel Investors For Funding

Elizabeth Pirrie Thursday, 1 July 2021

This is a 4-minute lesson that will give you five tips to support you in pitching to angel investors for funding. Elizabeth Pirrie is the Chief Operating Officer for Investing Women and AccelerateHER, a vibrant network of female founders and partners who share a passion in accelerating the growth, visibility and backing of talented female founders. These organisations provide an inclusive and supportive environment for women to explore investment opportunities and to grow their collective portfolio, while identifying opportunities for angels to support, and invest in, female-founded businesses.

So how do you get yourself in front of an angel investor with your business idea or innovation? What considerations should you make so that they believe in your pitch, and subsequently invest in you?

In this Lesson you will learn:

  • Five brilliant tips for pitching to angel investors for funding your business idea 
  • How to get your business idea in front of an angel investor
  • How to hone your pitch to perfection so it's honest, attracts the right attention and gets you where you want to be

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