Nurturing Virtual Communities & Planning Events

Nurturing Virtual Communities & Planning Events

Sian Conway Saturday, 1 June 2019

Virtual communities hold an astonishing amount of potential for developing your business. You have the power to reach people all around the world, direct from your own computer - and when those people start talking about your brand, that's when you start to build your own community. 

Here to tell us all about how to spark those conversations (and keep them going!) is Sian Conway, the Founder and Director of the brilliant #EthicalHour - an online community built from a weekly Twitter conversation and Sian's desire to learn more about sustainability. Her first-hand experience in building the amazing Ethical Hour community meant we just had to get her involved in this month's masterclass all about nurturing online and in-person partnerships. 

Sian shares her wealth of knowledge of all things sustainable in her roles as an Ethical Marketing Strategist and Business Mentor for brands that “do good", plus through her blog and podcasts. In this segment she offers her brilliant advice directly to our members on running online and offline events, including tips on reaching new audiences, and advice for finding sponsorship partnerships.

In this video you'll learn:

  • How to build communities in the virtual space and spark conversation
  • How to host online-only events
  • How to organise an in-person event and how to engage your online audiences
  • How to find the right sponsor match for your event
  • Why brands might be interested in sponsoring your event
  • The kinds of sponsorship you can get, i.e. for catering, venue, goodie bags

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    About the speaker:

    Jenny Tiramani is an award-winning costume and stage designer and a leading researcher in historical costume practices. She is also the Principal of The School of Historical Dress, which boasts Dame Vivienne Westwood among its patrons. Jenny has designed and made costumes everywhere from Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London to the Belasco Theatre on Broadway, where she won a Tony Award for ‘Best Costume Design in a Play’.

    Find Jenny and The School of Historical Dress at:

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