Creating A Responsible Childrenswear Brand

Creating A Responsible Childrenswear Brand

with our industry experts

Responding to heightened concerns raised in recent years about the wasteful nightmare that has been the childrenswear industry, brands have started to adapt to more sustainable and ethical models. Looking towards the resale market, rental and subscription platforms, extendable and customisable features, brands and businesses are exploring key trends from the sustainable fashion space and are successfully integrating them into kidswear.

Behind the helm of many of these brands, we often find a responsible parent steering the way, contributing their own experience of child-rearing to the melting pot of discussions. The result? An entrepreneurial space that is based around community, knowledge sharing, genuine concern for the world around us fuelled by a desire to improve it for the next generation.

For this Masterclass, we've tapped into these networks and asked leading kidswear brands to join us for insightful conversations around their ethical and sustainable approaches, the challenges posed by the children's market and what's next for the industry as a whole.

In this Masterclass, you will learn:

  • Implementing an end-to-end service to improve wellbeing and reduce consumption

    with Ali El Idrissi

    From the outside, UpChoose looks like a simple baby clothing rental platform, but delve a little deeper and you'll soon see that its Founder set out to do more than offer a convenient and cost-effective way of accessing premium sustainable brands.

    We spoke to UpChoose Founder and CEO, Ali El Idrissi, about his vision of an end-to-end-service which stretches far beyond organic babygrows and booties and challenges traditional consumer habits, improving well-being and making more space for key life moments.

  • Creating Newborn and Baby Everyday Essentials with Offset Warehouse

    with Charlie Bradley Ross

    A side hustle or creative business usually comes from a place of experience; noticing that there is a gap in the market, or something you use doesn't quite function as well as it could, or there are more suitable material options available. For this reason we have brought you essential baby and maternity items you can make yourself. It may just be the inspiration required to take your idea to the next level.

    In this video, Charlie Bradley Ross takes you through the items she made for herself and soon-to-come baby. Struggling to find certain items in the shop due to the Covid-19 pandemic, or finding the queues made it unrealistic (even online), Charlie raided her fabric offcut box. The beauty of these items is that they can be made from leftovers, and yet also due to their simplicity can pave the way to exploring ethical and sustainable fabrics without much pattern cutting or sewing experience.

  • Safety Requirements and Design Considerations for Children's Clothing

    with Angela Donati

    Children's clothing designers have a duty of care, to ensure that garments are safe for children to wear as they play, sleep and explore their environment. The EU General Product Safety Directive ensures high standards in children's clothing are being met - but what exactly do designers and manufacturers need to be aware of when creating their collections? 

    With more than 25 years experience, in this Lesson Angela Donati, Softlines Technical Lead at UL, a global safety science company, shares her in-depth knowledge of safety standards for the children's clothing industry.

  • Designing Fairtrade and Organic Cotton Childrenswear That Lasts

    with Josie Bragg

    Long-lasting childrenswear was swiftly becoming something of an oxymoron, but thanks to brands like Little Green Radicals, it's now possible to find quality, practical and fun clothing for kids and babies. In this video, with Little Green Radicals' designer of ten years, Josie Bragg, we find out how exactly they create 'forever' clothes for fast-growing and active kids.

  • Regulations And Directives For Toys, Childrenswear And UV Accessories

    with Sarah Blackham

    Product technologist Sarah Blackham follows up her part one Introduction to Regulations and Directives with this more in-depth look at regulations and directives you should be aware of when producing toys, childrenswear or UV accessories and swimwear, along with your manufacturing obligations.

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