Branding A Sustainable Business

Branding A Sustainable Business

with our industry experts

A clear and well thought out brand strategy will help you attract and keep your ideal customers. Branding isn't just designing a logo and sticking to a colour scheme, it's in everything you do; from your name, logo, website, blog, social media platforms, tone of voice, photography, email signature, the way you answer the phone - even the events you participate in and people whom you collaborate with. 

With help from our incredible guest experts, navigate the world of branding and build yourself a strong message, so you can clearly express what you stand for and define the impression you give your audience.

In this Masterclass you will learn:

  • What is Branding

    with Barney Bryant

    Barney Bryant has been in the design and branding industry for years working with the likes of Tetley, Veet and Quality Street to name but a few. He now channels his genius into his own specialist brand design agency, Bright Green Brands, for eco and ethical organisations.

    "After seeing the benefit that (not so ethical) companies like Unilever, Nestle and Tesco gained from strategic design, I felt I had to do something to offer that level of service to organisations that had a little more care and consideration for the environment."

    Barney Bryant - Bright Green Brands

    In his lesson he takes us through a branding "Mind Map", exploring all of the ways you can incorporate branding into your business. Branding includes the emotions and thoughts it conveys - what people think you’re about and your tone of voice, to the visual reflection of your brand identity and your online presence, to how you talk and write about your company, to the sounds you're using!

    Thumbnail image: Patrick Michalicka

  • Brand Purpose and Customer Journey

    with Andrew Holder-Ross

    Andrew Holder-Ross is from boutique management consultancy Circus. He takes us through the importance of defining your purpose and brand strategy, and gives you an insight into how Circus manage this for larger brands - from plotting customer journeys to crafting a brand story. Andrew worked with Circus to develop and mobilise strategies for a number of major brands across vertical sectors: from retail and hospitality to financial services and property and placemaking.

    Thumbnail image: Brad Neathery

  • Narrative & Story Telling In Your Brand Strategy

    with Simona Campli

    Simona Campli is an innovation coach and helps entrepreneurs to make positive changes in their personal and business lives. In this lesson, Simona talks about how to use narrative to create a business and brand - and really dives into effective copywriting and how it can feed back into the branding strategy.

    Thumbnail image: Averie Woodard



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Three words

Taking inspiration from Barney, what three words sum up your brand? Brainstorm and gather options from your team or family and friends, don't just pick the first three you come up with. Once decided, these should be represented in everything you do.

Know Your Audience

In order to resonate with your audience, it's absolutely crucial you understand who they are. What do they think of you already? If you haven't launched yet, get as close as you can to them - where do they hang out? What similar shops do they like? Physically sit in the space and absorb everything that's happening around you.

Customer Journey

Write down every single touch point you have with your customer. Look at how you talk to your customer, how your products appear in the packaging. Are your "three words" being represented here? Don't stop there - think about how you can enhance your branding through all of the senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and feel, thoughts and the perceived personality of your brand. Are you thinking about your customers on all of these levels?

Brand Story

Finally, try to write your brand story. As Andrew said, this story is something you might keep for yourself and it will be altered when you share it with your customers, but it is something you can always refer back to when making important decisions. Define why you are doing what you are doing and what makes your business special. Then use Simona's tips for creating a compelling narrative that will truly resonate with your customers!

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