The Good Growth Company seeks designers for a set of prototype products

The Good Growth Company seeks designers for a set of prototype products

Charlie Bradley Ross Saturday, 21 December 2019

Are you a designer interested in working with new fibres? Would you be keen to learn about sustainable alternatives to traditional knitwear materials?

The Good Growth Company, a platform combining funding, branding and supply chain development for sustainable businesses, are calling for fashion designers to work with them on an exciting new project based on yak and camel hair fibres. Read on to hear more about the project from co-founder, Nick Keppel-Palmer.

"We set up the Good Growth Company to build brands that delivered real, proper, meaningful social and environmental outcomes whilst also being commercially successful. The aim is to prove that it’s possible to do good and prosper. But it’s hard to put this kind of thing together so we need to pilot the value chains with a few key products designed specifically for our purpose.

We are building out value chains from agricultural producer communities in Asia - yak and baby camel herders in Mongolia and Tibet, and also are looking to establish a manufacturing hub in Scotland. The producer communities are in two regions - one very far west Mongolia in the Altai Mountains, the other in the pasture lands Arkhangai and Zavkhan. Aside from improving the livelihoods of the communities we are also putting in place environmental programs in those communities to protect snow leopards in the mountains, and to restore the pastures.

The idea is to build very strong value chains - designer, manufacturer, consumer, investor, herder - where everyone in the chain has a stake in the whole, and where the value of the product is wholly connected to the “good” it creates for all.
The chains are short and built out from the producer communities - so the sourcing of the raw fibre is impeccable and wholly in our control from the get-go, which allows us to brand products as using wool from these special places. 

A key element for us to help the herders realise income from the whole yak - so not just the fine hairs for knitwear, but also the thicker hairs (and also the milk - but that’s another story!).

To begin with, we are seeking designers to work with us to create knitwear - probably lightweight sweaters made from yak but we also have a prototype gilet jacket we wish to make; some kind of duvet set using yak or camel hair; and other items like ponchos, curtains, travel wraps. 

If you are a designer that wants to work with yak and baby camel fibers, you care about making a real difference and you want to get involved with a very unusual approach to designing products please get in touch

We're looking for long term relationships and to be able to create multiple portfolios of products from several geographies. This project to start in the New Year."

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