Red Carpet Fashion Continues To Green-Up!

Red Carpet Fashion Continues To Green-Up!

Charlie Bradley Ross Thursday, 9 March 2017

There was a time when there existed a perceived barrier between high fashion and sustainability. However, celebrities such as Emma Roberts and Rooney Mara are among some of the assembling ranks of sustainably-headed stars proving that this is clearly a challenge of the past. Thanks to advancing green technologies in textiles, it is now entirely possible to design red carpet fashion ensembles that are visually stunning and have a positive impact on the environment.

Eco-fashion on red carpets is showing mass audiences the importance of #sustainable #style - @OffsetWarehouse

To see environmentally conscious designs flaunted on the red carpet by some of the most talented actresses is an encouraging indication that pop culture tastes may well be influenced to head in more sustainable directions. With eyes of all ages and backgrounds on these starry trendsetters, its a positive move towards making eco-fashion "the norm".

Let’s explore some of the most impressive visions of sustainable style spotted at this year’s ceremonies.

Let's explore #sustainable #style at #Oscars2017 with @OffsetWarehouse. #ecofashion

Two-Toned Vintage

Emma’s eco-friendly Oscars dress was a sustainable, vintage-inspired Armani Privé, which garnered lots of attention from fans, photographers, and fashion designers alike. The simple creation modernised the classic two-tone design of decades past in a way that stood out from an entirely impressive crowd.

Emma is also spending some of her passion and energy in supporting Red Carpet Green Dress, a project that has been designing sustainable red carpet looks for numerous stars over the past eight years. Each year the positive fashion campaign challenges designers to create environmentally and socially responsible fabrics for dresses, and tuxedos, that are worthy of the red carpet. In many ways, the results speak for themselves.

red carpet fashion
Image courtesy of Red Carpet Green Dress

“I’m here for the Red Carpet Green Dress campaign, which brings awareness to sustainable living,” - Emma Roberts

The campaign was founded by Suzy Amis Cameron, wife of big-time director James Cameron, but more importantly all-round planet fanatic! Suzy wears sustainable choices at all her red carpet appearances. I recently interviewed Samata Pattinson, previous winner of the Red Carpet Green Dress challenge and the current director of the project.

red carpet fashion
Emma Roberts will hopefully get tongues wagging about the clear potential of sustainable and ethical style!

@RobertsEmma setting the standard for the true beauty of youth - #ethical #beauty! Go girl! #Oscars2017

Bright And Lively Polyester

This year at the Oscars we also saw Rooney Mara sporting a gown that was as surprising as it is sustainable. Known for her trademark gothic look, Mara was a breath of fresh air in a light and airy off-white, floor-length number overflowing with pleating and romance. You’d never guess that the delicate Georgette was made from a synthetic fabric; recycled polyester. Talk about breathing new life into old fibres!

red carpet fashion
Pretty in polyester!

red carpet fashion
Rooney Mara looking delicious in a delectable incarnation of polyester. We love recycled polyester here at Offset Warehouse and stock our own - so glad to see it getting the representation is deserves!

#RooneyMara graced the #Oscars2017 in #recycled polyester! #ecofashion is rocking the #redcarpet

Old Designs Turned New

Priyanka Bose also made a memorable entrance for her first appearance at the 2017 Oscars. Her chic dress featured a metallic floral motif that was refreshing and unique. The material was born from the archival fabric of a past collection of the same designer, Vivienne Westwood. This number was again whipped up by the iconic designer for Red Carpet Green Dress, who she has worked with on various occasions in the past.

red carpet fashion
Priyanka Bose looks glamorous in Vivienne Westwood at this years Oscars. Serious kudos for the sustainable luxury fashion industry here.

#VivienneWestwood making her #sustainable mark again with deadstock #fabric at #Oscars2017! #ecofashion

red carpet fashion
Pictured here with Red Carpet Green Dress founder Suzy Amis Cameron, Priyanka Bose looks divine in discarded luxe from the Westwood studio floor!

Demonstrate Twice - It's Alright!

Finally, we come to Olivia Culpo, who dazzled in the most unexpected fashion. Her sparkling custom-made Marchesa gown was created from recycled beer glasses. But the message didn't just stop there; the imaginative medium proved to be powerful, using sustainable fashion to promote another critical and extremely important cause—-“Buy A Lady A Drink”—providing clean water to developing regions.

red carpet fashion
Recycled beer glasses? Yep! Isn't it gorgeous. And I do love it when a fashion choice not only alerts us to the need to green-up the garment industry, but also utilises an opportunity to spread greater environmental and social awareness. Sanitation and clean water supplies are an environmental issue, but also a social issue. We cannot ignore the fact that industrial practices worldwide are contamination water sources. Climate poverty is a serious racial and social issue. Let's not forget that in our fight for conscious consumerism.

#Climate #poverty issues are a responsibility of consumer industries such as #fashion and #textiles - @OffsetWarehouse

Continuing The Eco-Fashion Movement

What all these red carpet looks have in common is something incredible. They aren’t noteworthy just because they are ecofriendly; they are powerful in their own right in being fashionably stylish, exuding ethical glamour in a way that deserves to be shown off and talked about—making enormous waves throughout the film and fashion industry, but also throughout the cult of the celebrity. Check out my post back in 2014 that covered some inspiring instances of ethical glamour on the red carpet. It's wonderful to see how much the movement has grown in just over two years.

Representation of #ethical and #sustainable style by celebs can turn #ecofashion into #pop, instead of niche, culture!

red carpet fashion
Emma in black Oscar de la Renta.

More and more celebs are getting on board the eco-fashion movement. One amazing woman you may well have been watching is actress and activist Emma Watson, whose brand new Instagram page seeks to highlight every carefully chosen detail of her sustainable and ethical style and beauty choices. The instagram account kicked off with Emma starting the press tour to promote her new film Beauty and The Beast. It's a real treat for those of us who just love beauty and style but don't want to compromise on ethics. Emma highlights all of her favourite eco-brands, both in clothing and make-up.

red carpet fashion
Image courtesy of The Press Tour

Good old recycled polyester makes an appearance too! I hope this turns out to be a continuing project, as the volume of attention Emma's press tour style is currently receiving is promising for raising awareness.

#EmmaWatson promotes #sustainable and #ethical glamour on #BeautyAndTheBeast tour! #BeOurGuest!

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