The Tarlee Pop-up Shop - for ethical, unique fashion

Charlie Bradley Ross Wednesday, 21 December 2016

We recently posted about the amazing online retail platform Tarlee, founded by Tara and Liz, who showcase amazing unique fashion from independent designers. Tarlee bridges the gap between customers looking for incredible pieces and championing ethical independent designers. We were incredibly excited to receive an invite to the launch of their pop-up shop - just in time for Christmas shopping. Lara headed down to chat to upcoming designers and grab herself a few bargains!

It doesn't get any better than treasuring a real one-of-a-kind garment or unique fashion accessory made with strong ethical principles in mind! Having a business these days is not the easiest thing to accomplish, more so for independent designers who need to be well marketed to stand a chance against multi-national corporations and other brands - the struggle is real. However, since Tarlee came along times have changed. Independent designers fear no longer as they can outsource the sales process via Tarlee's online retail space.

 The best thing about Tarlee is of course that they champion slow fashion and ethical practices. Tarlee are able to create an environment for feedback between customers and designers; really valuable for honing design and increasing the longevity of a unique fashion product. Sustainability is a broad term and can be interpreted in various ways by different people. Tarlee try to clearly point out where a designer is making improvements regarding their ecological footprint, using six tags to help customers differentiate between standards. The tags are Handmade, Made in the EU, Make in the U.K., Fairly Traded, Organic and Sustainable, allowing customers to choose based on what is important to them.


Another brand definitely worth mentioning (they all are worthy but we would be here for days) is Germany-based designer, Brigitte Gressnich, who makes top quality felt clutches and handbags using natural dyes! So perfect for a wintry night out.


 Not to be missed - exclusively at the pop-up store - is Komodo, they are one of the eldest sustainable and fair trade organic cotton brands in the U.K operating since 1998. You can also catch Workers Nobility, a US-based brand which has all their production carried out in Spain using ethically, made in Europe, material. Workers Nobility also add that personal touch to their labels - each worker's initials are handwritten down onto the label along with the date, how many hours and other interesting information for the customer.

 So... conscious, unique fashion anyone!? What are you waiting for? Go on, make your own day, head to the Shard Retail Arcade until Dec 21st for some guilt free (ethical) shopping from pioneering and winning brands. Tarlee are also spoiling us by giving our readers get 15% off their first purchase at their Pop-up at the Shard Retail Arcade, Just quote OFFSET OFFER at the till better hurry ;)

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