Student Sponsorship Application 2017 - Now Open!!

Student Sponsorship Application 2017 - Now Open!!

Charlie Bradley Ross Monday, 19 December 2016

This is one of my favourite posts every year! We are really proud to launch the 'Eco Designer of The Future Award 2017' student sponsorship competition. Calling all Fashion, Textiles, Interior and Design students with a passion for sustainable and ethical design... entries are now open!

As a team of conscious fashion obsessives and design graduates ourselves, the Offset Warehouse team has first-hand experience of trying to source ethical and sustainable fabrics for final collections; high costs, huge minimum orders – why is it so hard to get your hands on sustainable fabrics?!

Eco Designer of The Future Award 2017 - Applications open! #studentdesign #sustainabledesign

At Offset Warehouse however we offer one metre minimums, swatches and affordable prices on our exquisite and constantly-evolving selection of conscious fabrics. Talented young designers can be instrumental in shaping the future of the design industries for the better. Fresh new designs combined with an understanding of what the modern conscious consumer demands will equip graduates with a double USP on your collection! We want to support you in that endeavour, and that's why we set up our annual Student Sponsorship competition.

Get swatches & 1m minimum #ecotextiles orders! #slowfashion made easy!

Fresh #design x Understanding #conscious #consumers = #Sustainable design

Designs by Eco Designer of The Future Award winner 2016, Rachel Stutins. Her designs incorporated woven elements which the wearer can weave and adjust themselves.
Designs by Eco Designer of The Future Award winner 2016, Rachel Stutins. Her designs incorporated woven elements which the wearer can weave and adjust themselves.

The Competition: Eco Designer Of The Future 2017

We want to find and support the best of the best from final year students, so we are running a public competition to narrow down the hopefuls for our Eco Designer Of The Future Award.

@OffsetWarehouse are looking for the most #innovative #sustainable #designer out there...

Sponsorship Application - How Does It Work?

Our sponsorship application is simple - Offset Warehouse aims to make incorporating sustainable textiles as easy as possible for every designer, and we apply the same approach to supporting student designers in their sustainable efforts. No endless forms and nerve-wracking pitches from us!


  • Submit to us just one design that uses primarily Offset Warehouse fabrics.
  • Include a maximum of 200 words outlining your project and what fabrics you’ve chosen and why. Your project outline can be in any format: a digitally rendered design, annotated drawings or a moodboard. The more creative and visually appealing it is, the more we can get a good idea of your vision.


We will narrow down a shortlist of our favourite designs.


The shortlist will be put to a public vote via our Facebook page to find our number one designer! This is an exciting stage in itself because all shortlisted designers will get to see how our audience respond to their ideas - always a valuable experience in the growth of a designer, and makes the sponsorship application process really worthwhile even if you don't make the final selections.

sponsorship application

We prefer this public voting system, as we believe consumer (public) influence is a strong force in promoting sustainable and ethical fashion. If the votes were only down to an internal judging panel, the public response would not be involved. This isn't the way we feel conscious design can progress as a whole, nor for individual designers. Consumer-designer feedback is the way forward!


If you’re one of our lucky runners-up, you will receive 10% off all of your orders for an entire year! Plus invaluable promotion of your conscious designs through our social media pages. We have a diverse audience including some real industry stars (it's cheesy to point out who - and we don't want to compromise your vision by detailing the style tastes of our followers!) who always have an eye close to the ground for emerging conscious design talent.


The overall winner will receive a £100 Offset Warehouse voucher redeemable on any of our ethical fabrics and 20% off all orders for an entire year! Plus, once you’ve finished your degree, we’ll offer you dedicated promotion through all our social media channels including our network of hundreds of industry insiders, getting your designs in front of big, industry names! We will also offer you free consultancy on sustainable and ethical textiles so that you can really learn and implement this important knowledge in your future designs.

Calling #fashion, #textiles & #interiors students - Offset Warehouse #StudentSonsorship 2017 is open!

The Small Print



Any designer who is working on their Final Major Project and wants to use our carefully sourced and masterfully produced Offset Warehouse fabrics can make a sponsorship application. (Students in other years, you’ll have to wait your turn, but make sure you’re on our mailinglist so you don’t miss your year!)

No specific restrictions on course, but you must be enrolled on a design-led course. We believe in the game-changing power of serious design to alter the course of the industry.

We will be looking out for interesting and innovative use of our fabrics and a clear focus on sustainable and ethical concerns.

Here are just a couple of images below to act as blank canvases and spark your imagination - if you're cogs aren't already whirring that is.

Our Cream Undyed Organic Sateen, at £9.45, is perfect for dyeing.
Our Cream Undyed Organic Sateen, at £9.45, is perfect for dyeing.
Our chocolate hessian, made frome jute, is just one of the cheaper sustainable textiles we sell online.
Our chocolate hessian, made from jute, is just one of the cheaper sustainable textiles we sell online. Hessian had exciting modern possibilities for both fashion and interiors! What do you reckon!?


  1. Submit your design as a jpg via email to [email protected] (no larger than 3mb please).
  2. Use the subject line: “Student Sponsorship Application”.
  3. Include your name, University, course and 200 word max. statement in the body of the email! NOT as an attachment.

Deadline: Monday February 6th 2017, 9am

The final winner will be chosen in late February.

Eco #Designer of The Future Award - Make your #ecofashion or #ecointeriors happen!

Design by Rachel Stutins
Design by Rachel Stutins


We totally understand the stress involved in the final year of your course, that’s why we’ve kept our entry requirements so small.

We also know you may not want to ‘give away’ your amazing design concept before you’ve finished, that’s why the design doesn’t have to be strictly something that’s going to be in your final collection. Just give us a flavour of who you are as a designer and why you are going to be our Eco Designer of the Future for 2017! We also know that your designs are likely to change, so please don’t worry if the exact fabrics you mention in your submission don’t end up in your final collection.

By entering your sponsorship application you are giving us permission to use your imagery on promoting the competition and thereafter. You still own the rights to the design.

The promotion after the competition is completely dependant on you keeping in touch with us about your ongoing progress, we can only promote you if we know what you’re doing!

If you’ve already bought a lot of the Offset Warehouse fabrics for your project, or need to buy them before the deadline we can negotiate reimbursing you for the £100 if you win.

The discounts will run for exactly one year on the day the winners have been announced.


We’re looking forward to seeing your entries! If you have any questions simply send an email to [email protected]. For sustainable and ethical fabric updates and information on competitions like this, make sure you sign up for our newsletters!