Where To Find Fashion And Textile Jobs

Where To Find Fashion And Textile Jobs

Charlie Bradley Ross Thursday, 11 August 2016

In my last post, I told you all that you need to know about making your entry into the fashion and textiles industries. To help you further with where to find fashion and textile jobs, and that all important first opportunity, here is a list of places where you can find suitable openings in these fields.

Fashion United

This fashion website discusses latest trends and happenings in the fashion industry. It also has a comprehensive, up-to-date job board that features a diverse list of fashion positions in London. They list suitable job openings for both starters and experienced professionals in the field. Fashion United also has a listing of internship positions in various fashion streams. With the “Discover Employers” link, you can view current vacancies at chosen fashion companies.



This UK-based online job board is exclusively for professionals in fashion, beauty and luxury sectors. It has an updated listing of job openings for both freshers and experienced professionals. The website allows you to narrow down your search using criteria like job category, location, type of contract, availability and experience. Candidates can upload their CV to the database for more visibility, as well as apply directly to jobs on the board.

Where To Find Fashion & Textile Jobs

Arts Jobs and Arts News

The arts jobs and arts news website is a free mailing list service from the Art Council England. It has listings for job opportunities in the art and culture sectors. The job search option involves fields like art form, salary, region and paid or unpaid jobs. The site does not advertise unpaid roles and internships unless it is part of a recognised higher education course. You will also find the latest news stories in the art and culture sector in the news section of the same website.


Targeting fresh graduates, Looksharp has the latest internships and entry-level job listings in all fashion pathways. It is a good place for fresh graduates looking for work experience to begin their job search. With international listings, you can narrow down your search to the city you wish to work in and also personalise your search based on your year of graduation. Apart from applying directly to the jobs you desire, you can also create your profile on Looksharp and make it visible to potential employers.

Where To Find Fashion & Textile Jobs


Drapers Jobs has a comprehensive and updated list of openings in the fashion sector. You can search listings by function, expected salary, position and more criteria. It is also possible to search for selected recruiters and apply directly to vacancies in these companies. Both internships and entry-level jobs as well as listings for experienced professionals are available on this platform.


Women's Wear daily

This leading fashion website has numerous job openings for people who wish to make a career in fashion. Job listings cater to both freshers to experienced professionals. 

Creative Jobs Central

A fashion-only job search website, Creative Jobs Central lists international job opportunities for all experience levels and in every fashion design and retail category.



This website focuses on senior level placements in the U.S textile and apparel industry. Their opportunities are in sales, management and marketing in fibre, fabric and apparel sectors. Candidates should have a wealth of relevant industry experience to apply to opportunities through this website.

Where To Find Fashion & Textile Jobs

UAL Jobs

If you're looking for academic roles, the UAL internal jobs site has positions for across all six of University of the Arts London campuses.


Jooble brings together job alerts from acros 50500 websites. So enter your search term and create an email digest, and you'll be on your way to finding a job you didn't even know you want. It can be tiring searching through pages of listings, but Jooble has a clear UX so you can see the salary, the associated keywords and where the job listing originated from (so you know if you've seen it elsewhere).

I hope this list is helpful in your search for a suitable opportunity. Perseverance and passion are the two most important factors to make a successful mark in this competitive industry - but knowledge and varied interests goes an incredibly long way too. Once you decide that your future is in the world of fashion and design, target your efforts in this direction and it won't be long before the right opportunity comes your way.


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