Queens of Cool: Eco Fashion Labels To Watch Out For

Queens of Cool: Eco Fashion Labels To Watch Out For

Charlie Bradley Ross Friday, 26 February 2016

As global awareness for environmental impact increases, so does the global effort in promoting sustainable practices across all verticals, including fashion. Eco friendly brands are taking the industry by storm, encouraging existing fashion companies to travel the ethical route and ultimately prove to the world that sustainability is chic and stylish. Sustainable fashion enthusiast Diane Ludovic takes us through her pick of some prominent green labels.

Freedom of Animals

Eco Fashion Labels
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One of the fairly new brands to join the environmentally friendly fashion market is luxury handbag manufacturer Freedom of Animals which, as the name indicates, is an advocate for animal protection, using alternative fabrics and production methods that are ethically sound. Founded in 2013, this company reminds us that luxury shouldn’t equate to fur and leather products and that accessory design should be used as a platform to purvey the importance of nature preservation.



 A brand famous for its celebrity clientele, Reformation has quickly become a well-known eco-friendly label, gaining a lot of ground since its launch in 2009. “Made in America’s first sustainable sewing factory in LA, Reformation sources vintage materials and outdated merchandise,” as described by the fashion e-store Lyst. Their upcycled clothing has been seen on the likes of Alexa Chung, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Zoe Kravitz.


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Over the past several seasons, designers have continued to show their interest in loose, relaxed apparel, so for those with a personal style that aligns with this bohemian aesthetic, you may take delight in SVILU. With collective experience at apprenticeships with Peter Som for Tommy Hilfiger and Vera Wang, founders Marina Polo and Britt Cosgrove used what they learned to innovate SVILU, a label that uses locally produced, organic materials. They've even accumulated a few accolades over the past couple of years.

Nancy Dee

image: nancydeeclothing.tumblr.com
image: nancydeeclothing.tumblr.com

Nancy Dee is a completely British brand, designed and made right here in the UK. With a "strong ethical philosophy [and an] equally uncompromising focus on style," (and an Offset Warehouse Favourite too!) The label was created by sisters Seraphina and Tamsin Davis in 2008. Their mission? To create responsible fashion without comprising on quality or style. The vintage inspired designs speak for themselves, with versatile cuts and colours, the looks can effortlessly transcend day to night. Nancy Dee are going from strength to strength!

H&M Conscious Collection

image: sophelise.wordpress.com
image: sophelise.wordpress.com

H&M may have its disadvantages being a mass-produced brand, but the Swedish retailer has impressed with their mission to associate affordability with sustainability. H&M continues to expand their line in order to accommodate local, sustainable fabrics in their fast product cycle. Some may disagree that a fast fashion brand can be truly sustainable - but you have to admire their effort in bringing 'green issues' to the general consumer.

Thanks Diane! What great picks. After graduating from Manchester University, Diane traveled Asia for five years before settling into a full-time job. While still traveling as much as possible, she also enjoys writing about fashion and sustainability.

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