This Monday: SPINNA Business Mentoring Programme For Fashion & Textile Entrepreneurs

This Monday: SPINNA Business Mentoring Programme For Fashion & Textile Entrepreneurs

Charlie Bradley Ross Friday, 9 October 2015

As part of SPINNA Circle's NatWest Business Mentoring Programme, this Monday 12th October 2015 there will be a Q&A with me, Director of Offset Warehouse. Come and join us in London for a day of inspiring talks and answers to those burning business questions.

Is The Business Mentoring Programme For Me?

If you're a woman with a business in fashion and textiles, or even just thinking of setting up your own fashion or textiles business, and you would like to connect with other like-minded women, SPINNA Circle's mentoring programme is for you.

Offset Warehouse SPINNA

What Happens There?

Over a period of six months you're invited to a series of workshops. SPINNA in collaboration with NatWest, bring names from industry to answer any questions you have about your business challenges and possibilities. But it doesn't stop there! As part of the program, SPINNA also offer 1-to-1 mentoring advice from specialists in the fashion and textiles sector, banking and business development. And they are a host of get-togethers for all their members (past and present) to network and catch up on all their business gossip. It's a real community.

On Monday, I'll be there to answer questions on ethical textile sourcing, and also to impart some words of wisdom on setting up a business.

Offset Warehouse SPINNA

Read all about the collaboration between SPINNA and NatWest and the programme for Monday's event here. And if you have any further questions at all email Emma and Rupa on: [email protected].

If you're London-based and keen to get some free business mentoring this Monday, what are you waiting for?! Sign up! Spaces are limited.

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