What Are The Most Influential Design Blogs?

What Are The Most Influential Design Blogs?

Charlie Bradley Ross Friday, 5 June 2015

Whether you're an interior designer, clothing designer or print maker, great design blogs are an incredible source of inspiration and learning. They are treasure troves of style, images and designs, and can often be a wonderful place to exchange ideas with other designers. Here's my top list of design blogs you should be following...

What Are The Most Influential Design Blogs? #design #blog

What Are Design Blogs?

To put it very simply, a design blog is a place where the creator can bring together ideas and inspiration, as well as suggestions and sneak peeks into their work. Many collaborations have started with a message left on a design blog. There are hundreds of thousands of different kinds of design blogs out there, and you could spend half of your life trying to just get through them. So here's my list of the most influential design blogs, with their fingers firmly on the pulse of design.

Which are your favourites? #Design #Blogs

Creative Review

If you're looking for a wonderful way to quickly gain insight into the design world, then this is the place for you. As well as writing articles focused on designs, they have also created a weekly roundup of different thoughts and ideas that would be of interest to fashion designers and interior designers. A definite if you don't have much time to trawl through the internet.

It’s Nice That

We all have that moment where we see something fantastic and think, "it’s nice that"! Well, the It’s Nice That blog is a website solely dedicated to doing just that. They've literally pulled together some of the most fabulous things about the design world that you may not have stumbled across yet, and presented them all on a plate. Fabulous for a little design inspiration, or just a mini-break from your design world.

Erik Kessels - Unfinished Fathers. Found on www.itsnicethat.com
Erik Kessels - Unfinished Fathers. Found on www.itsnicethat.com


What I love about Behance is that it is an amazing way for designers of all areas, all media, and all traditions, to showcase some of the ideas that they are currently working on, and receive some feedback on exactly what other professionals think. This is a truly collaborative process, and something that you can gain from as well as contribute to, so you should see this design blog as something that is just as much yours as it is everyone else’s. They also have a great jobs board too.

Design Milk

There are very few interior design blogs that are as good as Design Milk. I would highly recommend getting lost in it for a few hours. It is great to challenge your preconceptions about what people are enjoying and desiring in their interior design, so get on here for some thought-provoking, cutting edge design and some market research.

The Macarons, Lamps by Davide G. Aquini and produced by IN by Progetti in Luce. Found www.design-milk.com
The Macarons, Lamps by Davide G. Aquini and produced by IN by Progetti in Luce. Found www.design-milk.com

Creative Safari

A relatively new kid on the blog scene, Creative Sarfari has just been launched by the kooky cats at Ohh Deer, the go to marketplace for quirky illustrated gifts. The content may be curated, but anyone can submit work to Creative Safari. It doesn't just have to be illustration either. It just has to be interesting and creative. Ohh Deer have a large social media presence, and importantly, not just with design folk, so your work could be seen by thousands. Its varied content is also great for inspiration hunting.

Work by Tordis Kayma from www.creativesafari.com

How Can I Learn From Them?

No matter how experienced or knowledgeable you already are, there is always something new to learn or fresh perspective to gain. If you are looking for some inspiration for a new fashion collection, you can gain some insight into what other people are enjoying. If you need to do some market research and see which trends are popular, design blogs can help you there. If you are looking for a partner, someone who works in a different medium who can work on a project with you from a different angle, a design blog could be your answer. You will never cease to learn if you read design blogs regularly.

What Are Some Of The Dangers?

It may sound odd to speak of ‘dangers’ when talking about a design blog, but when creativity and intellectual ownership come into play, there is always some danger. As we all know, there is a vast difference between being inspired by someone and directly stealing their designs. No one wants to be the latter, but it can be very easy to browse different design blogs and suddenly find yourself extending their idea. That is, of course, a delicate situation, and you must always be careful.

Get Involved

As a designer you should always have one eye on other things happening in the design world. These blogs filter out the best of what's going on. It doesn't have to be a great slog to check each blog daily - follow a few on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or sign up to newsletters and their content will come straight to you!


Are there any influential design blogs we missed? Leave a comment below!

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Design blogs filter out the best of what's going on! #Design #Blogs

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