Our Top 10 Favourite International Interior Design Blogs

Our Top 10 Favourite International Interior Design Blogs

Charlie Bradley Ross Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Tired of scrolling through Pinterest and finding the same interior design ideas? Well check out our 10 top interior design blogs, filled with beautiful, fresh and eco friendly ideas!

Style Court

One of the reasons that I love Style Court so much is that Courtney Barne, the writer of the blog, is able to see inspiration from anywhere - and I literally mean, anywhere. Whether it's the latest fashion catwalks or a strange building she's seen on her travels, she is always able to link it in to interior design.

Style Court Blog


Design*Sponge really does soak up all of the excitement that is happening in the interior design world, and brings it all directly to you. Apart from the dazzling web design that I simply adore, I love Design*Sponge because of the fabulous giveaways that are always running. What's not to love?

Design Sponge Blog

Apartment Therapy

Who doesn't need a little interior design therapy every now and then? Apartment Therapy is a fantastic blog that offers its fans something that really impresses us: the chance to look through actual interior designers' homes and see what they have done with the space that they have. You can't get much better inspiration than that.

Apartment Therapy Blog

The Selby

Technically, The Selby is not an interior design blog – but it still offers a huge amount of advice, almost accidentally! A huge part of the blog is interviews with really creative people and they almost always have photographs of their homes, which are just stunning. Handy if you want inspiration, especially if you want to be eco-friendly.

The Selby Blog

A Cup of Jo

Joanna was a journalist for some of the glossiest mags out there, and she's now turned her hand to blogging -and she is great at it. This blog is perfect for those that don't have a huge amount of time to pour through a blog, because Joanna offers bite-sized, exciting blog articles that you can quickly read during your tea break.

A Cup Of Jo Blog

The Nester

Hands up all nesters! That's most of us then. If you are looking for some great inspiration on how to nest without feeling like you have so much clutter the walls are caving in, then this is the interior design blog for you. I love how relatable these blog posts are, and how you always get told where Myquillyn bought the gorgeous items that she uses.

Nesting Place Blog


If you have ever desperately searched your brain for a quick and easy way to transform the place that you live in, then it is time for you to check out Decorilla. Giving you a helping hand on all those little projects that you thought you would start, and promised yourself you would finish, I love going to Decorilla to discover how to solve all my interior design problems.

Decorilla Blog

Nicky Haslam

Sometimes you need interior design ideas straight from the horse's mouth, and that is exactly what you get from Nicky Haslam's blog (he's obviously not a horse!). As he continues to amaze people with his beautiful designs, he lets us in on the secret going ons of the design world that most people never even hear about. Be prepared to love absolutely everything he creates.

NH Design Blog

The Brick House

Sometimes too much text can be off-putting in an interior design blog, and that is why The Brick House tumblr is divine. Comprised of a series of photographs that are really inspiring and thought provoking, The Brick House doesn't need anything else to be one of the leading interior design blogs out there.

Brick House Blog


And last, but by no means least, Decor8blog. This interior design blog takes inspiration from nature more often than we can count, but the hints and tips are totally achievable – unlike some design blogs where you seem to need a degree to actually complete one of the ideas!

Decor8 Blog

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