Interior Colour Trends: Pale And Interesting

Interior Colour Trends: Pale And Interesting

Charlie Bradley Ross Thursday, 18 September 2014

As it becomes more and more difficult to switch off, the most important thing about our homes is that we enjoy the space after a long, hard day of work and managing children. You want to be able to relax in a comfortable, calming environment and unwind after the hustle and bustle of the day.

As I mentioned in my previous post on Scandi interiors, simplicity is the key to the "Pale and Interesting" interior colour trend this season with neutral colours taking the lead in home décor trends. It’s not surprising really: Neutral colour palettes are perfect for updating your home without having to completely overhaul your living space. And what’s more, they can often make your home look bigger – you can’t argue with that!

I’ve put together some interior colour trends and fabrics to match, to help brighten up and update your home without too much effort. As an additional bonus, the fabrics are all environmentally and socially beneficial so you can feel good about updating your home too!


1. Antique White

Steering away from a more blinding white, try an off-white: a muted, sophisticated colour that evokes luxury and elegance. This off-white linen jersey encapsulates this beautifully and really makes the room glow. Try incorporating it as pretty, matching cushion covers for your bedroom, or a beautiful set of floor-length curtains, to give your home that unique, fashionable, yet elegant edge.


Pale Interior Trend

2. Pirate Grey

A modern twist on light absorbing, basic black, this charcoal melange is just the colour to bring your home up to date. Brilliant for fun and fashionable soft furnishings like beanbags, throws or pillowcases, the soft black and white hand woven stripe is a great, go-to fabric to acheive the look.

Pale And Interesting Interior


3. Star White

Star White is a wonderfully clean and fresh colour. For a good match, try the slubby organic single jersey. It’s super soft to the touch and has a beautiful, mottled texture. It would look fantastic against a bright, contrasting pop of colour, so I encourage beautiful pink and green plants or a pop-colour silk cushion. I love adding textures to beds, so I'd recommend the slubby organic single jersey for pillowcases and (or) matching bedding covers.


Star White Interiors

4. Champagne Beige

Not a fan of white? Try adding some champagne beige to your home. The pink tones behind the beige are the perfect antidote to dull and tired rooms, and this beige basket weave cotton is a perfect match. Suitable for reupholstering dining chairs and sofas, as well as for table dressing, it’s slightly speckled look will add subtle depth to your room, without bringing in any fussy colour.


Champagne Beige

5. Glacier Grey

Glacier grey is a stunning shade of light grey that is set to be on trend way into 2015. What better fabric to match this trend than the beautiful light grey hessian?  Durable and warm, this is the perfect fabric to create hardwearing furniture coverings, work tops or pin boards. It’s also a very complimentary colour, so you can work it quite well into existing colour schemes.

Grey Interiors

These colours are absolutely beautiful and perfect for cool, calm, collected home projects. For more ideas, follow some of the Pinterest boards I put together, particularly these more specific boards: Minimal, Grey and Champagne or you may learn more from


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