Seven Quick & Easy Ways To Keep Your Home On Trend This Summer

Seven Quick & Easy Ways To Keep Your Home On Trend This Summer

Charlie Bradley Ross Tuesday, 12 August 2014

This season there are some fantastic colour stories to guide you in keeping your home looking fresh and modern. If you have reservations about updating your home with a costly and time-consuming overhaul, never fear! Sometimes all it takes is a few cushions or a new set of drapes to revamp those rooms, and prevent your home from looking run-down and unfashionable.

Your home is your sanctuary, and like your wardrobe, every now and again it needs a boost to get it looking like the place that you envisioned when you moved in. And what better time to liven up your home than just in time for Summer?

Here are my on trend interior colours and matching fabric ideas that will help you modernise your rooms. And an added bonus, all of the fabrics are environmentally and socially beneficial:

1. Radiant Orchid

A beautiful, bright purple, ideal for injecting a splash of colour into your home. Be it through a cushion cover or a floor length set of curtains, Jubilee Cherries Silk Blend is perfect. Radiant orchid is a very strong colour, so be careful how you use it: team it up with analagous colours, like oranges and pinks, to bring out a femininity, or set it against strong dark browns and bare whites, to achieve a cleaner look. A great thing about the jubilee cherries silk blend fabric is that it's quite sheer, so it softens the colour drastically - giving you more scope to play with layering and textures.

Purple Chair

2. Cayenne

A gorgeous, warm summer tone, with peach and red undertones. Cayenne red is a bold colour, ideal for feature walls and soft furnishings such as bean bags, throws or pillow cases. If you aren’t a fan of block colour, or don't want to make such a bold statement, I recommend something like this Pink and White Organic Stripe Chambray, with subtle streaks of cayenne against a powder blue and white. It's a great way to introduce the trend without overpowering a room. This way, you can also tie in softer, cooler blues and whites into your room.

Blue & Cayenne Interiors

3. Sand

A softer option, this natural beige hue will work as a beautifully sophisticated base colour, against block whites. Sand is a much safer way to update and revamp your living space with minimal effort. Throw in some walnut browns to anchor the colour scheme, particularly over winter, but otherwise I'd suggest keeping it light, fresh and modern. With sand as your base, you can also introduce colour pops, with minimal clashing risk. Try adding sand to your décor with the beautiful Fine Woven Natural Linen: it's ideal for soft furnishings, such as cushions, and would make a beautiful bed throw.

Fine Woven Natural Linen Bedroom

4. Placid Blue

Placid blue is vivid, yet evokes a calmer, cooler feel.  Again, it's a slightly safer option than the dazzling blue trend I've seen.  So if you're a little hesitant about radiant orchid and cayenne, placid blue is certainly a safer colour to opt for.  As the tones are a littler cooler, the colour is fantastic in east facing rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms and is sure to give them a new lease of life.  This Blue Hand Woven Chambray is the perfect colour and ideal for making lightweight curtains and even sweet accessories like a handy pair of hot plate protectors or teatowels.

Light Blue Chambray Offset Warehouse

5. Dazzling Blue

If placid blue is a little too safe for you, why not try dazzling blue? A gorgeously rich colour, it's an easy fix to acheive a super modern, on trend look and ideal for a pop of colour to lift a room. Fantastic for kitchens and kids rooms, I can’t get enough of the fabulous Light Blue Denim.

Light Blue Denim Chair

6. Violet Tulip

A beautiful shade of lilac, violet tulip is a fresh and beautiful way to add soft character to a room. As the more pinky hues can be a little incipid, use the colour sparingly - unless you're decorating a girl's bedroom or playroom. Alternatively, opt for a colour with more indigo tones, such as this Purple Organza. You could easily decorate an entire room with this beautiful colour, and it works with other tones and accent colours - perfect for creating sheer curtain underlay, an oversized drawstring bag for slippers or night attire, lamp shades, or a layer over an assortment of pink and blue tones to create a tonal pile of luxurious cushions. The image below is very purple (!) but you could easily tone down the girlies with some beautiful blues and indigoes.

Purple Interiors

7. Paloma

Light grey is the perfect antidote to a busy home, and what better way to add it than with this beautiful Heavy Weight Organic Denim? Simple, yet sleek, Paloma is a great colour to use for re-upholstering chairs if they are looking tired and worn. You also don't need to worry about reupholstering any time soon, as this colour is timeless and traverses seasons.

Blue Grey Interior

These colours are absolutely beautiful and perfect for any home project that you are thinking of taking on. If you'd like to be kept informed of all my trend news and how you can optimise your rooms, please do sign up to the mailing list.